Sanisafe 3 Disinfectant Wipe Quat Free (2000)

Sanisafe 3 Disinfectant Wipe Quat Free (2000)

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Quat and biguanide free wet disinfectant wipe used by major food groups and retailers in the UK. Available in medium or heavy weight.

Excellent efficacy and kill rate for both Gram Positive and Gram Negative organisms
Class leading efficacy at lower temperatures – 5 – 10 degrees celsius – and under ‘dirty’ conditions
Quat and PHMB free
Registered under Annex 1 of the Biocides Products Regulations (98/8/EEC) under 3 Product Types: PT 2 Private and Public Healthcare environments, PT 3 Veterinary Hygiene and PT 4 Food and Feed area disinfectants
Low corrosion on metal and steel surfaces due to low salt content
Non oxidising – optimum continuous efficacy in food environments where organic matter is present on surfaces
Highly effective broad spectrum efficacy proven by independent testing laboratory Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association (CCFRA)